Zymark TurboVap LV evaporator


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Zymark TurboVap LV evaporator.

The TurboVap LV is ideal for sample volumes of 1 ml to 30 ml that need to be evaporated in GC vials, microcentrifuge tubes, conical bottom tubes or test tubes. This particular instrument has a rack for 13 x 100 mm ( 7 ml ) tubes.  This instrument offers a high throughput of 50 sample positions using the standard range of racks available.  Evaporation is based on a water bath to give an even temperature and a gas flow delivered over a set time period.  This combination gives the option to evaporate samples to dryness if required and reconstitute with an alternative solvent.

The TurboVap LV can be used in environmental, forensic, clinical chemistry, food and pharmaceutical laboratories for the concentration of solvents following solid phase extraction clean up of drug samples or pesticide extracts.  The TurboVap LV can also be used in conjunction with the RapidTrace Automated SPE workstation that collects extracts in 12 mm x 75 mm or 16 mm x 100 mm test tubes.

Comes with one rack for 13 X 100 mm tubes.


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