Thomas 3431K10 Tenbroeck Tissue Grinder


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Thomas 3431K10 TEN BROECK TISSUE GRINDERS – 10 ml working capacity

For grinding bacterial cells and soft tissue to very fine particles between ground glass surfaces
• Heavy wall, round bottom glass tube has catch-basin type bulb above grinding chamber

• Flared mouth for filling and ground zone above bulb serves as a bearing and seal against contamination

• Grip can be removed for connecting pestle to slow speed motor shaft using rubber tubing for connection

Soft tissues such as rabbit spleen, liver or brain can be ground rapidly to a fine state. Organs containing much connective tissue can not be readily homogenized.

3431K10 Tissue Grinder has a working capacity of 10 mL. Vessel length is 165 mm, grinding chamber length is 80 mm.

2 available.

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