Thermo Barnstead Model D14031 Reverse Osmosis System with Reservoir

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Thermo Barnstead Model D14031 Reverse Osmosis System with D14963 30 liter Reservoir

The Barnstead TII is a tap-fed water purification system designed to be simple to use and to provide reagent-grade water that exceeds ASTM Type II, and CLSI-CLRW standards.  It uses a thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane with pretreatment to produce RO water that is then polished using a two-stage deionization process combined with UV oxidation and a 0.2 micron final filter.

The % of the rejection between incoming and reverse osmosis product water is monitored and an indication is provided to the user if the RO water quality is unacceptable.  Pressure sensors located inside the unit monitor incoming feed water and RO pressure.  The DI water purity is continuously measured by a resistivity cell and displayed on a multifunctional display.

RO operation is automatic and works independently of the DI system to fill the external reservoir as determined by sensors in the reservoir.