Savant SVC 200H SpeedVac Concentrator with rotor




Savant SVC 200H SpeedVac Concentrator with rotor.

The SpeedVac Concentrator Model SVC200H was designed for rapid evaporation and solidification of biological solutions by centrifugal force in vacuum. The combination action concentrates the biochemical solute in minimum volume and minimum time. The sample material does not settle on the sides of the tubes so that the smallest amount of diluent is required to recover the sample. This model has an internal chamber heated to 45 C.

Dimensions: 18″ x 18″ x 18″
Weight: 97 lbs.

Available with rotors listed below ( order with correct rotor ):

Rotor Model RH200-13 Plastic Rotor – 200 place for 13 X 100 mm tubes.
Rotor Model RH60-17-100 Plastic Rotor – 60 place for 17 x 100 mm tubes.