Hybaid HS 3000 Electrophoresis Power Supply


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Hybaid HS 3000 Electrophoresis Power Supply ( This is the same as an EC Apparatus EC 3000 90 or a VWR 3000 – same unit different paint job )

Type of Output: Constant Voltage, Constant Watts or Constant Milliamp with automatic crossover.
Max. Voltage: 3000 VDC
Max Power: 300 W
Max. Current: 300 Ma
Regulation: Less than 1%
Four recessed sets of 4mm socket terminals
Load sensing shut-down-on-disconnect. DC Output On key actuation necessary to begin voltage generation in the event of shutdown due to power interruption, automatic restart is provided.
Timer: 00 to 99hrs, 59 min
Input: 110 VAC
Dimensions: 31cmD x 32cmW x 15.8cmH
Weight: 5-1/2 lbs.