Fisher 11-670-18C Thermolyne HR509X9A Ultralow Freezer Racks


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Barnstead/Thermolyne* HR509X9A Stainless-Steel Ultralow Temperature Freezer Racks

Description: Racks for 25-ampule boxes; No. Shelves per Rack: 9; Height: 193/4 in.; Thermolyne No.: HR509X9A

Boxes not included. –
For storage in liquid nitrogen or mechanical freezers. Stainless-steel retaining rod prevents accidental spilling of boxes from rack. For use with 2.0mL or smaller ampules in 2 in.H (5.1cm) cardboard or cryoplastic boxes (see Nalgene* Cryogenic Boxes 11-676-3 Series and 03-337-7AA). Racks for 25-ampule (5 x 5 array) boxes are 35/16L x 35/16 in.W (8.4 x 8.4cm). Racks for 81-ampule (9 x 9 array) and 100-ampule (10 x 10 array) boxes are 59/16L x 59/16 in.W (14.1 x 14.1cm). Note: These racks are not to be used with Locator* or Locator Plus vessels.

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