Eppendorf 5417C Centrifuge, 120V – Nonrefrigerated


Eppendorf 5417C Centrifuge, 120V – Nonrefrigerated

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The Eppendorf 5417C with its compact design and quiet operation (<60dB) makes this unit perfect on a crowded lab bench or in a cold room. Automatic rotor detection system senses the rotor type and prevents the centrifuge from exceeding the rotor speed limit. Time (selectable in minutes or seconds; up to 99 minutes + hold) and speed (variable in rpm or rcf) are easily set using the keypad and are displayed on the LED read-out. All functions are microprocessor controlled. Conforms to International Safety Standard IEC1010 and features a steel plated rotor housing and double locking lid for maximum end user protection. RS 232 interface provides data output for computer control or data recording.

Includes: F5-30-11 Standard rotor – 30 X 2.0ml – fixed angle


Maximum Speed (RPM) Fixed Angle Rotor: 14,000
Maximum g-Force (RCF) Fixed Angle: 20,800
Maximum Capacity 30 x 1.5 – 2.0ml
Temperature Range Ambient 40°C
Timer Digital 1 -99 min.
Power 115 Volt, 60 Hz


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