Edwards Vacuum Inlet Filter, Model ITC200


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Edwards ITC20K Inlet Chemical Trap – KF25 ( Edwards Part Number A444-10-000)

The Edwards ITC20K Series Chemical Trap providers the following benefits: Protection against various aggressive or heavy lacquer forming vapors, which may attack the pump or contaminate pump oil. Prevent high molecular weight vapors ( such as might arise in a resin treatment plant ), from reaching the pump. These vapors could casue lacquering or clogging. The standard sorbent charcoal ( activated carbon ), has relatively high trapping properties ( absorbs around 25% of its own weight), even when large amounts of water vapor are being pumped.

Comes with sorbent media charcoal ( activated carbon) charge. While this is sold as surplus, the filter looks to be in excellent condition ( probably unused ). Carbon charge size for this unit is 0.4 kg. Comes with KF25 Clamp, centering ring and o-ring.

Fits Edwards RV3, RV5, RV12, E2M2, E2M5, E2M8, E2M12, E1M18, E2M18, E2M28 and E2M30 Rotary Vane Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps.
KF25 inlet, KF25 Outlet
Weight: 3.5 kg
Edwards P/N A444-10-000