Binder C 150 CO2 incubator


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Binder C 150 CO2 incubator

Equipped with microprocessor control for temperature, CO2, and a digital display accurate to one-tenth of a degree.  The inner chamber, the pre-heating chamber and the inside of the doors are all made of stainless steel.  The inner surfaces are smooth and therefore easy to clean.  The inner chamber is deep-drawn from one piece, polished ( suitable for pharmacy ) and has no welds or inaccessible corners.  The hinges and the seal of the inner glass door are glued from the outside, which is also very helpful for an easy cleaning of the inner chamber.

External Dimensions:  26.77″W x 32.24″H x 32.09″D
Internal Dimensions: 19.69″W x 23.62″H x 19.69″D
Temperature: 7 C above ambient to 50C
Temperature fluctuation: 0.1 C
Humidity Range: 95% +/- 2%
CO2 Range: 0 – 20% (+/- 0.1% )
Electrical: 220VAC, 1200W

Includes new sensor and update kit.

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