WellMate and Wellmate Stacker from Matrix, 120 V


WellMate and Wellmate Stacker from Matrix, 120 V

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The Thermo Scientific Matrix WellMate offers supreme flexibility for all microplate filling needs. With a volume range of 1 to 2000 μl, the Matrix WellMate accommodates a wide selection of labware and improves cost-efficiency with disposable, presterilized and pre-calibrated tubing cartridges. Programming flexibility allows any member of the laboratory to utilize the instrument and the optional plug-and-play Matrix WellMate Stacker provides walk-away capability for all throughput needs.

  •   Height-adjustable dispense head that accommodates shallow- and deep-well plates and blocks.
  • High-resolution,stepper-motor technology that allows fast, accurate dispensing.
  • Low-cost, replaceable tubing cartridges.
  • Dynamic dispense volume range (1.0ul-2000ul).
  • Easy programming that allows you to select individual plate columns for dispensing.
  • Memory-storage capacity for up to 18 files.
  • Full RS-232 programming for ease of integration.

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