VWR / Troemner 58816-121 Mini Vortexer


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VWR/ Troemner Vortexer Mini.  Cat. No. 56616-121 / UM3000

Designed for gentle shaking or vigorous vortexing of samples in a wide variety of applications. Use with flasks, beakers, tubes, and microwell plates. Constructed using a heavy base casting with corrosion-resistant enamel finish, units remain stable on work surfaces. The analog vortex mixer has a variable speed control from 300–3200rpm, which allows low rpm startup for gentle shaking or high-speed mixing for vigorous vortexing of samples. Unit can be operated in touch mode when depressing the cup head or in a continuous mode. Models feature a three-way power switch and a speed knob with variable 1 to 10 dial marks. 
UL and C-UL listed. CE marked.

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