Thermo Luminoskan Ascent Luminescent microplate reader


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Luminoskan Ascent Luminescent microplate reader.

The Thermo Luminoskan Ascent is a sensitive and flexible microplate luminometer. Combined with the powerful Ascent Software, it handles both glow-type and flash-type reactions. The instrument covers a wide range of research, industrial and clinical applications.

Luminoskan Ascent offers great advantages for many different types of assays. These include ATP-based assays for hygiene and sterility monitoring, or quality control in the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Reporter gene assays, such as luciferase and galactosidase, are widely performed in research and routine molecular biology laboratories. Luminescent immunoassays and DNA hybridization assays based on luminescent enzyme substrates or luminescent labels are other important application areas for this instrument.

Application areas of the Luminoskan Ascent:   Reporter gene assays ATP assays,  Cytotoxicity Immunoassays, DNA quantitation, Cell proliferation,  Phagocytosis, Intracellular Ca2+ Enzyme assays, Microbiological assays, Reactive oxygen assays. Completely robot compatible Robotic integration is simple, effective and easy to automate with the Luminoskan Ascent. The plate carrier allows convenient access for different kinds of robotic arms. It has been designed to enable portrait gripping of the plate with the gripper of less than 60 mm and also landscape gripping with the gripper of less than 65 mm. In addition, wall edges of the carrier have been beveled to aid the plate to slide High-performance optics.  Luminoskan incorporates the latest optical design. High sensitivity is one of the main benefits of the fiberless optics and a critical feature for luminometric measurements. It measures less than 1 fmol ATP per well and has a wide dynamic range of more than 9 decades for maximum flexibility.

Luminoskan Ascent can also be equipped with filters. The luminometer reads microplate formats from 1-96 and 384-well plates. Versatility through dispenser system, incubator and shaker For an easy and accurate addition of reagents, up to three dispensers can be fitted on-board the Luminoskan Ascent. The dispensers allow a precise delivery of reagents in 1 µl increments over an adjustable volume range of 1-1000µl. Speed and precision are important advantages of these dispensers. For assays requiring precise temperature control, Luminoskan Ascent features an on-board incubator. Built-in orbital shaking, another advanced feature, ensures effective mixing and speeds up reactions. Both the speed and amplitude of the shaking can be adjusted.

For flash luminescence reactions performed with acridinium esters and aequorin, for example, Ascent Software supports simultaneous reagent injection and signal monitoring. The ability to add reagents and read in any sequence allows multiphase ATP and reporter genes assays.

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