Thermo Abgene ALPS-300 Micro Plate Heat Sealer, 120 V


Thermo Abgene ALPS-300 Micro Plate Heat Sealer, 120 V


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An automated microplate heat sealer ideal for medium to high throughput applications. Can seal a wide range of plates (even accommodating different heights) for experimentation, storage, or transportation
– Sealing Rate: approximately 6 plates/minute
– Up to 5,000 plates can be processed automatically without intervention
– The flexible control mechanisms and compact dimensions, ideal for manual as well as robotic integration

Electrophoresis, Blotting and Immunodetection
Plate based assay – Microplates, heat sealers
Plate sealer, automated, Thermo Scientic ABgene ALPS 300™
The Thermo Scientic ABgene ALPS 300™ is an automated heat sealer ideal  with medium to high throughput applications. The instrument can seal a wide range of plates, even accommodating different heights.The rate of sealing is approximately 6 plates per minute and 5,000 plates can be processed automatically without intervention (3,000 plates sealed with Thermo-Seal and Diamond Clear Seal 370m rolls). The flexible control mechanisms and compact dimensions make theALPS 300™ ideal for manual as well as robotic integration. The unit can be integrated with the majority of commercially available plate stackers.
Plate compatibility
The ALPS 300™ can seal skirted plates of differing heights without the need or plate adapters. In an integrated environment this eliminates the time consuming procedure of changing adapters when using different height plates. Adapters (included) are only necessary to accommodate some non-skirted PCR* plates.
The plate is placed on a shuttle that stands clear o the main body o the sealer, allowing full access with a robotic arm. Upon activation, the shuttle is drawn into the unit and the plate is sealed. The shuttle then slides out, returning the sealed plate to its original position. The unit can be run rom a compressor or rom a laboratory air supply. The main inspection door is interlocked for safety and the unit is CE marked.The ALPS 300™ can be operated manually via the touch screen, by a foot pedal (for hands-free use), by a remote start or by RS232 communication. The RS232 connection allows time and temperature settings to be monitored and adjusted. It can also check a remotesensing system for seal level detection and report a number of default diagnosis settings.PCR* plates sealing, medium to high throughput applications.
Compatibility with plates o different heights
Throughput of 6 plates/min
Compact size and lightweight design
No waste material
Touch screen technology  for easy operation and clear fault diagnosis
Manual, remote or RS232 operation
Dive board design provides excellent robotic access
5,000 plates sealed without manual intervention (3,000 plates sealed with Thermo-Sealer and Diamond Clear Sealer 370m rolls)
CE marked
Sealing rate: a plate can be sealed and returned to its start position in <10 seconds,depending on plate type*Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a process covered by patents owned by Hoffman-La Roche
Accuracy and positioning o seal
The seal can be placed with an accuracy o ±0.2mm on both the X and Y axes. This allows the seal to be positioned within the raised skirt rim that some plates have around the topsurface. The size and placement of the seal can also be adjusted to place it off-centre, keeping the alphanumeric grid-reference visible.
Air flow requirements
Minimum requirement: 50L/min at 5.5bar. Output rating o the compressor used depends on its duty cycle. An oil free compressor is available with a 70% duty cycle and an output rating of 79L/min at 5.5bar.
No waste material
There is no waste material produced by the ALPS 300™. Each roll of sealing material is the same width as a microplate and is cut to the exact length of the plate. This leaves no seal overhang, avoiding interference with robotic stacking. However, the length of the seal can be altered to leave a tab for seal removal if required.
Touch screen
Touch screen technology allows the ALPS 300™ to display a variety of information in set-up, operation and diagnosis modes.
The ALPS 300™ is fitted with two 9-pin sockets to enable it to be integrated into a fully automated system. One socket is set up or a remote start (I/O port) in an identical format to the ALPS 100, allowing direct replacement with the ALPS 300™ unit without the need to write new drivers to operate the unit. The I/O port can also be used to operate a foot pedal to start the unit. The second socket is RS232, which facilitates the two-way transfer of data required or monitoring the unit settings and changing them when necessary. Drivers are now available for a variety of automated systems. The ALPS 300™ has proven performance with Tecan.®
and Packard MultiPROBE
liquid handlers, HudsonPlateCrane™, Hamilton SWAP, Zymark Twister™ and TiterTek
Titan Stacker as well aswith platorms rom Qiagen
, MWG, TAP, RTS Lie Sciences and Thermo Lie Sciences.
240V to 110V power transormer (i required)Plate carrier or non-skirted PCR* plates3 x plate carrier inserts2 x 1A anti-surge use2 x 5A anti-surge use4 x vacuum cups3m air line1 x 5mm allen keyFilm loading toolOperation manualPlease contact Fisher Scientic to discuss your EU compatible product requirements.Accessories Catalogue NoAlt. NoDescriptionPack qtyPrice
AB-0948Plate carrier inserts3179.30
AB-09461A anti-surge use228.76
AB-0563/100096 well PCR plate carrier1188.10Catalogue NoAlt. NoDescriptionPrice
AB-0950ALPS 300™29,599.90Technical Specication – SpecicTemperature range, °CAmbient to 200 (sealing)Dimensions [w x d x h], mm275 x 569 x 410Pressure, working, psi80 (5.5bar) (air). Clean and dryMass, kg22Power, W650Electrical supply110/120V 50/60Hz.


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