Shimadzu UV160U UV-Vis spectrophotometer


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Shimadzu UV160U UV-Vis spectrophotometer

This Shimadzu classic is an excellent all purpose spectrophotometer, exceptionally easy to use 200 to 1100 nm 3 nm bandwidth 0.1 nm increment +/- 0.5 nm accuracy built in CRT
Scanning speeds from 480 nm /min to 2400 nm / min light source switching according to wavelengths, user selectable as well from 295 nm to 364 nm
double beam photometric system
0.02 sec response time in spectrum mode, 0.1 sec in time scan mode
auto zero function
automatic baseline correction +/- 0.002 ABS baseline flatness
Print out with built in thermal paper printer of raw or calculated results or draw spectra or other curves.
Can do repeated scans, up to 5 wavelengths in wavelength program.
Automatic peak detection in spectrum processing mode, kenetic mode, quantitative determination mode, time scan mode.

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