Savant UVS400 Refrigerated Vapor Trap


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Savant UVS400 Refrigerated Vapor Trap.

The Savant Universal Vqcuum Source (UVS400) is a multipurpose vacuum source and solvent recovery system, combined in a single, integrated unit.  The system includes a refrigerated vapor trap and oil free vacuum pump.  Together, these elements form a low-maintenance vacuum system that offers improved reliability over systems based on rotary vane oil pumps, which require frequent maintenance and can easily be damaged by solvent vapors.

Features of the UVS400:

– 55 C operating temperature, 4-liter vapor trap, CFC-free refrigerant.
Wide-mouth Glass Condensation Flask ( GCF400).
Occupies only 13.6 in. of bench width.
Teflon coated oil-free vacuum pump, 40 l/min displacement ( at 60 Hz), ~10 toor ultimate vacuum.