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Nicolet Spectra-Tech Foundation Series


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Spectra-Tech Foundation Series FT-IR sampling accessories

The Spectra-Tech Foundation Series is a family of accessories that share a common base module, the Foundation base, which mounts in the spectrometerÂ’s sampling compartment. The Spectra-Tech Foundation Series enables multiple FT-IR analytical techniques with the use of interchangeable Swap-Tops. Each technique-specific Swap-Top drops into the Foundation base and can be changed quickly to a method that matches the needs of the application, or it can be moved to a Foundation base in another spectrometer (even a different brand spectrometer), making cross-platform sampling possible. This cross-platform compatibility also reduces the need to buy redundant accessories for different manufacturersÂ’ spectrometers, providing exceptional value.
Foundation bases are available for Thermo FT-IR spectrometers, and most commercial models as well. The Spectra-Tech Foundation Series combines the flexibility of multiple sampling technologies with high-performance, alignment free optical design to minimize analysis time and maximize sample throughput.
The accessory design also utilizes an integrated purge to eliminate CO2 and water vapor interferences. The Spectra-Tech Foundation Series is the most versatile sampling accessory system available. It is the perfect choice for lab environments that require high throughput and rapid response, or that have changing application needs or multiple FT-IR platforms.

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