Millipore Minitan XX42MTO60 Filtration System


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Millipore Minitan XX42MTO60 Filtration System

The Minitan Ultrafiltration System is a tangential flow device that uses either ultrafiltration or microporus membranes.  A peristaltic tubing pump draws the fluid sample from an unpressurized reservoir and pumps it into the Minitan holder at 100 – 1000 ml/min. Concentrated material is returned to the reservoir, and filtrate is collected in a separate container.  Proteins, viruses and cells can be concentrated and desalted with starting volumes up to 2 liters, depending on the concentration desired.

System comes complete with pump and Minitan holder.  Note:  The first one of these that is oordered will be in very good cosmetic condition, and will come with the torque wrench as pictured.  The second one will be in fair cosmetic condition, and will not include the torque wrench.  Both systems work well and come with a 90-day warranty.

These system do not come with filter pack, or PSSPOMT11 retentate separator ( must be ordered from Millipore, as needed ).