Microm Model HM 400R High-Performance Sliding Microtome


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Product Description

Microm Model HM 400R High-Performance Sliding Microtome

Handles routine paraffin-embedded specimens or hard specimens.  Unit is constructed with maintenance-free cross-roller bearings, ensuring smooth and easy horizontal movement of the knife across the specimen.  Makes it virtually impossible to lift the sledge – even with hard specimens.

The specimen holder accepts a variety of specimen shapes and sizes up to 80 x 60 mm.  Specimens can be easily positioned to ensure clean, reproducible sections.  A fixed clamping jaw holds the specimen securely for outstanding stability – specimen won’t come loose.

Select the thickness of your sections with the graduated feedwheel on the front of the microtome.  Choose manual or automatic specimen advance to follow each completed back-and-forth movement of the knife carrier.  The coarse feedwheel is on the left side of the unit.

Dimensions: 18-1/2″L x 12″W x 12″H

Comes without knife.