Leybold – Heraeus D 16 BCS Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, 120 V


Leybold – Heraeus D 16 BCS Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, 120 V

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TRIVAC BCS pumps are oil-sealed rotary vane pumps. The TRIVAC D 16 BCS is a dual-stage pump. The number in the type designation (16 or 25) indicates the pumping speed in m3 · h-1. TRIVAC BCS pumps can pump gases and vapours, and evacuate vessels or vacuum systems in the fine vacuum range. They have been designed particularly for use in connection with corrosive or aggressive media.  The drive motor of the TRIVAC BCS is directly flanged to the pump at the coupling housing. The pump and motor shafts are directly connected by a flexible coupling. The bearing points of the pump module are force lubricated sliding bearings. All controls as well as the oil-level glass and the nameplate are arranged on the front. All connections are to be found at the sides or top of the pump.

Pumping Speed: 16.5 m3/h
Oil capacity: 0.9 liters
Weight:  70 lbs
Motor: 1 hp, 115 VAC

This unit is completely operational, but not fully rebuilt – has been checked to 13 microns

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