IEC HN-S Table-top Centrifuge, 120 V


IEC HN-S  Centrifuge, 120 V

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The HN-S is the middle aged version of HN product line with modern solid-state electronics. With these, this IEC centrifuge becomes capable of spinning a variety of applications: oil samples for ASTM Test Methods (e.g. D96), milk tests with Babcock Bottles (6″ and 6.5″) and tissue culture samples in 225/175 ml Falcon conical bottles and 50/15 ml Falcon/Corning conical centrifuge tubes.

Other outstanding features of the IEC HN-S centrifuge include: direct reading tachometer, variable speed control with 60-minute automatic timer or continuous run mode, and manual electric brake. HN-S can also accept many existing rotors from IEC centrifuge models –  Centra-4, Centra-HN, Centra-CL4, Clinical, DE, H, HN, and HN-S.

This is being sold without any accessories. We have many accessories including accessories for 100ml oil tubes in stock so, if interested, please call 800 240-5570.

Maximum Speed with Fixed Angle Rotor 4900 rpm (2750g)
Maximum Speed with Swinging Bucket Rotor 4150 rpm (2250g)
Maximum Volume with Fixed Angle 684 ml
Maximum Volume with Swinging Bucket Rotor 456 ml
Electric Time 2 to 60 min.
Brake Rate Half of coast time
Chamber Diameter 16.5 in.

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