Hoefer TKO 100 DNA Mini-Fluorometer


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Hoefer TKO 100 DNA Mini-Fluorometer.
Designed specifically for the accurate quantitation of DNA in dilute samples. This is done with a light source and a photodetector pair sensitive to certain fluorescent dyes. The light source is a mercury lamp with a excitation wavelength filteres to 365 nm. The photodetector is filtered to read 460 nm emitted light. The DNA Mini-Fluorometer is therefore optimized for reading the fluorescence of fluorochromes such as 2(2-(4-hydoxphenyl)-6-benzimidazole)-6-(1-methyl-4-piperazyl)-benzimidazole trihydrochloride. This compound is particularly useful for DNA determinations because it is specific to DNA; RNA in the sample will not interfere.

Takes 10mm x 10mm cuvettes.

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