Getinge Model 533LS Gravity and Vacuum Steam Sterilizer


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Product Description

Getinge Model 533LS Gravity and Vacuum Steam Sterilizer.

The 533LS Vacuum/Gravity Steam Sterilizer employs both gravity/downward displacement with positive pulse conditioning and pressure/vacuum pulsing for dynamic air removal.  Up to 19 cycles can be easily accessed in two easy steps.  Custom cycle names can be designated for each cycle.  All cycle phases are sequenced and monitored by the control system, providing both audible and visual notification of deviation from certain operating parameters.

For general-purpose gravity or vacuum steam sterilization and decontamination of laboratory, research and animal care supplies.  The sterilizer controls are specifically designed with the flexibility needed for scientific purposes and are not to be used to sterilize medical devices for patient use in healthcare applications.  The selectable temperature range is from 230F to 275F ( 110C to 135C) and from 219F to 275F ( 104C to 135C ) for liquid cycles.  Typical applications include wrapped and unwrapped hard goods, animal cages with bedding, textiles and linens and liquids in self-venting or unsealed containers.  The liquid exhaust is microcomputer controlled for linear and consistent liquid cool down, programmable within a specified range.

Manual vertical door.
Chamber size: 21″w x 21″h x 38″d
External dimensions: 73-1/2″h x 30″w x 46″d
Shipping weight: Approx. 1200 lbs.
Mfg. date: 2007

Comes with stainless steel side panels included. Comes without steam generator, but we can provide one at extra cost, if desired – please call 800-240-5570 for details and full cost.