Gelman AcroPrep Filter Plate for Waters Alliance HPLC


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AcroPrep™ 24 Filtration System for Waters Alliance Filtration System – P/N 186000154. Eliminates the time-consuming, one-at-a-time syringe filter process by simultaneously filtering up to 24 samples in seconds
Reduces labor time by 20 minutes per carousel over the conventional syringe filter technique. Can be used with any conventional 12 x 32 mm vials; simply transfer your filtered samples from the

Waters Alliance* sample carousel to any HPLC sample carousel that houses 12 x 32 mm vials and save both time and labor.
No need to use cumbersome, individually wrapped disposable syringes.
Use disposable pipette tips which are less costly, easier to use, and require less bench space. Pall’s HPLC certification ensures that analytical results will not be compromised by extractable filter material.
No cross contamination.
Each 1.9 mL well is individually sealed, ensuring your sample will accurately dispense into the Waters Alliance sample carousel with no cross contamination or splashing.
Materials of construction are identical to Pall’s Acrodisc syringe filters; if you are currently using Acrodisc syringe filters, this should reduce the requirements for validation of the AcroPrep 24 filter plates.
Can be used to process fewer than 24 samples. Simply label used wells or isolate unused wells with parafilm for application at a later time.

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