Eppendorf Model 5331 MasterCycler Gradient PCR

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Eppendorf Model 5331 MasterCycler Gradient PCR

One particular advantage of the MasterCycler Gradient is the gradient function, which greatly facilitates the optimization of PCR experiments.  The gradient enables the temperature across the entire block to be varied within a range of up to 20C; it can be programmed with every temperature step.

Sample capacity: 96 – 0.2ml PCR tubes
Temperature Range: 4 – 99 C
Temperature uniformity across block: 20 C to 72 C +/- 0.6 C                                                                                                                                                  95 C +/- 1.0 C
Control accuracy: +/- 0.2 C
Temperature-control speeds:
Heating rate: approx. 3 C/s, measured on block                                                                                       Cooling rate: 2 C/s, measured on block
Number of programs: Max 99
Maximum number of cycles: 99

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