Eppendorf 5804R Centrifuge, Refrigerated, 120 V


Eppendorf 5804R Centrifuge, Refrigerated, 120 V

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Performs as three centrifuges in one for medium through-put applications including capacity for cell culture and clinical applications, high-speed for separating cell lysates and a microcentrifuge for nucleic acid purifications.

Common Features

  • Spin from 200rpm to 14,000rpm (20,817xG) in increments of 10rpm
  • Speed, g-force and radius correction values can be entered
  • Values can be changed during centrifugation
  • Low-profile 11.2 in./28 cm access height for easy sample loading and unloading
  • Automatic rotor recognition senses rotor type to set maximum allowable speed—ensures safety
  • Fast, simple programming of time, temperature (refrigerated models), speed/ g-force and radius value
  • Selectable program memory for up to 35 individual user programs
  • Adjustable speed short spin button for quick runs
  • Ten acceleration and deceleration rates for sensitive sample material

Model 5804 R (refrigerated model)

  • Temperature range from -9° to +40°C, with “Fast Temp” function for rapid cooling of the centrifuge chamber
  • ECO shut-off engages after 8 hours of non-use to reduce energy consumption and extend compressor life
  • Standby cooling maintains temperature when not in use
  • Adjustable speed short spin button for quick runs
  • Built-in condensation drain to eliminate water accumulation and prevent corrosion
Rotor and accessories

We have several rotors with accessories available for this centrifuge.  If interested please call our friendly staff at 800 240-5570.

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