Barnstead D11931 Nanopure Diamond System – RECONDITIONED – with NEW cartridges !

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Surplus Barnstead D11931 Nanopure Diamond System with 90-day warranty.  A variety of accessories are available at extra cost.  Includes NEW cartridge pack !  Call our technical staff at 800-240-5570 for your specific laboratory needs.

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Our Nanopure is an innovative and compact Type I water purification system that delivers exceptional water quality, reliability and value for your most sensitive lab applications.

Delivering up to 1.5 liters/minute of purified water, Nanopure series produces not only the purest water possible, but also provides outstanding benefits.


  • Exceptional Water Purity and Accuracy
  • TOC and resisitivity monitoring delivers the highest water purity for any analytical or biological application. Up to 18.2 megohms-cm exceeds ASTM, CAP and NCCLS Type I water requirements.
  • Safety, Flexiblity & Easy Maintenance
  • Volumetric or timed dispensing eliminates overflow accidents by allowing you to fill carboys without monitoring.
  • Stand-by mode recirculates water intermittently maintaining the purity of the water during periods of non use.
  • Optional remote dispenser available for quickly and easily delivery of purified water from up to eight feet from your system.
  • Ideal for your most sensitive analytical procedures including Atomic Absorption (AA), ICP and ICP/MS and Ion Chromatography (IC).

Nanopure Life Science (UV/UF) Features:

  • Ideal for your most demanding molecular biology applications including; PCR, electrophoresis, as well as cell and tissue culture.
  • Dual wavelength quartz UV lamp oxides organics to virtually undetectable levels and controls bacterial growth.
  • Provides  < 1-5  parts per billion (ppb) TOC, 18.2 megohm-cm resistivity and <0.001 Eu/ml pyrogens.


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D11931 Nanopure Life Science 45 (20.4) 40-120 (4-49)

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*** Note :  Please feel free to contact our factory-trained staff at 800 240-5570 (or if you have  questions about this product and optional accessories or to obtain further discounts when purchasing this system with  accessories such as remote dispenser and/or various cartridges. Let us speak to you about your specific needs, so that we can supply the best cartridges for your requirements.